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Jack Has a Plan Impact Campaign

Impact strategy and partner engagement for festival run and advocacy tour

In collaboration with the Director, I crafted impact strategy around three central goals:

  • To destigmatize conversations about death and the full range of positive end-of-life decisions available to patients

  • To reimagine the end of life as a vital stage in human life—with all the complexities, joys, and opportunities for personal agency as other stages

  • To galvanize the networks of organizations, most notably the Death with Dignity National Center, in state-based efforts for legislation legalizing medical aid in dying

Concurrent with the film's festival run, I identified crucial partners and organizations at each festival to host panels and moderated conversations exploring the issues in the film and advancing our stigma breaking work.

I liaised with national organizations like Death with Dignity National Center and local affiliates of Compassion & Choices to help base building efforts and to advance medical aid in dying legislation in states without the right.

I created a Discussion Guide to accompany the 2023 advocacy tour working with key scholars and practitioners in the end of life field.

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