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Katie Solito



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Education for Impact

An educator and curriculum designer with fifteen years of experience, I provide dynamic educational materials and impact strategy for issue driven films 

Documentary film has the rare ability to break into our hearts, ignite movements, and shift our collective culture. As an educator, I know how to reach people. I possess an inventive yet practical skillset to deepen the impact documentaries can have on the social, political and cultural realms. 

I have worked in diverse public high school and adult education settings for fifteen years, honing my skills as a curriculum designer sensitive to the varying needs of the audiences and students I serve. I craft educational materials that challenge learners to question their assumptions and truly engage with the systemic issues of our time through immersive role-plays, ethical inquiry, and active learning. Employing stakeholder research and an understanding of pedagogy, I facilitate discussions, screenings and campaigns that are memorable and impactful, sparking internal and societal change. 

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